Enrique alternates working as a stills photographer, DIT, Focus Puller and Cinematographer in each of the 3 countries that form NAFTA (for those unfamiliar with acronyms, that's Canada, the U.S. and Mexico).

Recently he's been shooting interiors for a high end interior designer; food photography for a specialized food delivery service's website; and just finished the menu photography for a restaurant in Beverly Hills.

He consistently works in commercials, TV and Feature Films as a Digital Imaging Technician and Focus Puller; and is currently putting the final touches on a spec TV pilot where he was the Cinematographer.

For stills photography, Enrique works with Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, Profoto and Norman studio lighting.

On the motion picture side he works with Alexa, Epic, Red One, F35, Phantom, 435, Panavision's GII and Millenium.

Enrique owns HD, lighting and sound equipment.