Born and raised in Mexico City, Enrique's interest in photography began with a dear family friend who made a living as a photographer. His interest peaked during school where he studied photography and had opportunities to work in the dark room.

During his University studies, Enrique began working on the production side of commercials. Upon receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising, he landed a position as a production manager. Working in production solidified his decision to go after his dream of writing images with light.

Enrique continued taking photography and cinematography courses in Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York City and Rockport, Maine.

Eventually, Vancouver became home and working with moving pictures became Enrique's craft.

For 10+ years he climbed the ladder within the camera department, moving from trainee to B camera operator. Enrique shot and DP'd short films, commercials, and music videos.

With the advent of digital cinematography, Enrique became certified as a Digital Imaging Technician (DIT), working on TV shows, films, and industrials. He was the first certified DIT in Western Canada to operate the Digital High Speed Phantom Camera which can shoot up to 1,500 frames per second.

Throughout his 24 years making images, Enrique has worked with most motion picture cameras, both film and digital. He continues to find pleasure shooting film photography whether 35mm, medium format or 4'x5' with his bellows camera.

The search for images that appeal to the eye is a constant quest. A quarter of a century and counting... Enrique is still delighted to be the eye behind the camera.